Sensatia Fruit with Patent Pending fruit technology.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

SenSatiaFruit is exploding

SenSatiaFruit is now a month into pre Launch.
In that time, 4,000 excited people have signed up.

The product should begin shipping about December 1.
Pre-orders will begin the final week of November.

The SenSatiaFruit product is a powdered drink mix with a delicious multi-fruit taste.It is made with a proprietary Patent Pending process that preserves the nutrients of the fresh fruit.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Remarkable Clinical Study

GAINESVILLE, Fla.--In a double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, 59 healthy law students were given encapsulated fruit and vegetable juice powder concentrate (FVJC) or placebo for 77 days. Blood samples were collected on days 1, 35 and 77 to examine the number of circulating ß- and -T cells, cytokine production, lymphocyte DNA damage, antioxidant status, and levels of carotenoids and vitamin C. Any illnesses and symptoms were recorded in a log. The FVJC group had fewer total symptoms than the placebo group (P < 0.076). By day 77 there was a 30 percent increase in circulating -T cells and a 40 percent reduction in DNA damage in lymphocytes in the FVJC group relative to the placebo group. Plasma levels of vitamin C and of ß-carotene, lycopene and lutein increased significantly from baseline in the FVJC group, as did plasma oxygen radical absorptive capacity (50 percent). Interferon-produced by phorbol-stimulated lymphocytes was reduced 70 percent in the FVJC group, whereas other cytokines (IL-4, IL-6, transforming growth factor ß) were unchanged relative to treatment or time. FVJC consumption during this study period resulted in increased plasma nutrients and antioxidant capacity, reduction in DNA strand breaks and an increase in circulating -T cells.

In the study, published in the Journal of Nutrition ( 136: 2606-2610, 2006), researchers hypothesized that a commercially available encapsulated fruit and vegetable juice powder concentrate could support functional indices of health due to increased intake of various phytonutrients.

The important aspect here is that the ingredients that make up SenSatiaFruit are far more powerful than those used in this study.

If they could obtain these great results, just imagine the benefits we are going to be able to report once we release SenSatiaFruit.

Friday, September 29, 2006


SenSatiaFruit™ welcomes you to the product Pre-Launch Opportunity of a Lifetime!

SenSatiaFruit™ is the most nutritionally complete fruit superfood available!

If you are looking for a realistic way of generating a huge monthly residual income check, you are going to love what you are about to discover in SenSatiaFruit™.
SenSatiaFruit™ is a patent pending all natural product, produced with a revolutionary new, low impact, liquid extraction technology. This technology preserves all the goodness of the natural ripe fruit, without any of the negative effects of current extraction or concentration technologies.

SenSatiaFruit™ contains No Fillers, No Preservatives, No Synthetic Chemicals, No Pasteurized Ingredients...Nothing Artificial.

SenSatiaFruit™ contains NOTHING except 100% Natural, Bioavailable Ingredients.

For the past ten years, the serious money in the Networking Industry has been made promoting fruit juice based liquid nutritional products.
Networking companies with liquid products have paid hundreds of millions in bonuses to their distributors.

While it is still possible to join one of these companies today and earn an income, there are three reasons why it is not possible to earn the sort of income you will be able to generate with SenSatiaFruit™.
1. To earn huge six figure monthly bonus checks, you must build a huge group. To achieve that result, it is much easier if you start promoting the opportunity before 100,000 other people jump in.
2. All of the existing fruit juice based liquid nutritional products are about to become obsolete, because of our Patent pending process that retains the nutrients.
3. No Group Volume Requirements to get paid on 10 levels.

You now have the opportunity to benefit the most significant advance in the history of nutritional technology...BEFORE anyone else does.
It is estimated that there are over Three Million Distributors involved in the existing fruit juice based liquid nutritional product companies worldwide.
NONE of these distributors are yet aware of SenSatiaFruit™.

That will change on December 1, 2006 when SenSatiaFruit™ is released to the world.